Prayer time: People are most powerful when they're on their knees in prayer

How we pray at Andover Vineyard

The Christian life is not a religion. It’s a relationship with the living God! All relationships require good communication to thrive. For our relationship with God, that means prayer.

That means we need to talk to Jesus. And we need to listen when He speaks to us.

Your relationship with Jesus won’t look like mine. Just as there are many ways for you to speak to me, there’s more than one way to pray.

Below, we’ll outline some ideas for prayer that you can try. And we’ll share with you ways to be involved in praying with others.

If prayer is brand new to you, or if you’ve been praying for years yet still find yourself crying out, “Lord, teach me to pray”, we’d like to recommend an excellent course. Pete Greig has created a transformational course on prayer called, simply, the Prayer Course.

And it’s FREE!

Need prayer?

Learn how to pray


Follow the prayer course, by Pete Greig

Get involved

Let’s unite in prayer!

Monthly Prayer Walks

First Saturday of each month @ 14:00

Every month, we gather in a different area of Andover and walk around and through it for an hour or two, praying as we go. We believe God cares about our town and we want to bring His blessings to every part of it.

Note: these prayer walks have been temporarily suspended during the coronavirus lockdown.



Mondays @ 06:00

Every Monday, we start the week with an hour of prayer, meeting in one of our homes.

NOTE: During the coronavirus lockdown this meeting is happening on Zoom. Contact us to find out more.



As needed

When we face great need – either in our church family, or in our land – we unite to pray and fast. Even when we can’t meet together because of the coronavirus, we can pray, and we can fast.

Fasting can take many forms and doesn’t have to be focused on food. (Read more here.)

To find out more about fasting with Andover Vineyard, please contact us.

Immanuel Prayer

By appointment (book now!)

Immanuel prayer is a life-changing way to pray. Your coach will help you connect with Jesus in a deeper, more personal way. With Jesus at your side, work through the wounds of your past and the lies you’ve believed about yourself and find complete freedom in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Note: Immanuel prayer is still available during the coronavirus lockdown.

Sunday Service Prayers

Sundays @ 17:00

After every service, our prayer team is available at the front and the back of the hall where we meet for worship. We’d love to pray for you. Whether you need healing or peace, wisdom or provision, our God wants to sustain you and supply all your needs. Come for prayer and see God work in your life.

Note: during the coronavirus lockdown, sadly, we can’t meet face-to-face. We’re meeting regularly on Zoom. If you’d like prayer before or after any meeting, or during the week, please contact us and we’ll set up a prayer call.