Men's ministries at Andover Vineyard

At Andover Vineyard, we cherish men. God has blessed us with strong, gifted men and we're committed to supporting them in any way we can.

Coronavirus COVID-19

We’re committed to slowing the spread of coronavirus during this time. Of course we’re praying; we hope you’ll join us. We’ve also halted all face-to-face meetings until the lockdown is over. Many of our meetings are still taking place online. Contact us to find out about online services happening this week.

Men, you matter to God.

He has big plans for you, and He wants to help you grow, lead, love and triumph as He created you to do.

Our job as your church is to give you everything you need to grow into God’s vision for your destiny.

How we help you grow

Friendship and support

Our men meet together regularly for pub trips, which is a relaxed and informal time, which allows them to form friendships and grow together.

Time apart to rest and reset

There is also an annual men’s weekend away. Please see the calendar for details of any events.

Prayer and training

We’re here for you, to pray for you and with you, to equip and train you. To find out more or access our resources, please contact us.


You, like all God’s children, are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Ps. 139:14

Men's ministries at Andover Vineyard