Immanuel Prayer

Connect with Jesus and experience healing from the hurts, wounds and lies of the past.

What is Immanuel Prayer?

Immanuel means “God with us”. In the Bible Jesus promises He’ll never leave us or forsake us. He’s always with us. Here. Right now.

That’s a pretty amazing promise. The God of the whole universe is with you right now. Wow!

Sometimes, it can feel hard to believe this. It’s difficult to imagine Him being with us in a real way, in a way we can interact with. That’s where Immanuel Prayer comes in. A trained coach joins you in prayer, guiding you into the presence of Jesus. He or she will help you connect with Jesus.

There, you can speak to Jesus and hear Him for yourself. Find out how He sees you and what He has planned for you. And receive healing for the broken parts of your past – the hurts, wounds, and lies that have held you back from being all you were created to be.

We’d love to support you and help you find healing. Use the form on the right to request a session and we’ll get back to you with options for dates and times.

God bless you!

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