In today’s talk, Hedley unpacks the story of the Prodigal Son.

He shows how God so loves us that He accepts us just as we are, embracing us and loving us with all His heart – no matter how much we’ve messed up!

  1. We forget how much the Father loves us and is willing to welcome us, no matter what state we’re in.
    There’s nothing we can do to make Him love us any more than He does now… and there’s nothing we can do to make Him love us any less!
  2. We focus on our failures, but He focuses on our future.
    He’s longing to reveal to us how He sees us (the masterpiece of creation!) and what He’s got planned for us (good things, plans to prosper us and give us hope).
  3. He puts sandals on our feet to show that we’re no longer slaves.
    We’re free from the bondage of sin. We’ve been set free by the precious blood of Jesus!

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