How to give

We're a charity. Our ministries depend on your help to be able to impact our world. Here's how you can be part of God's vision for Andover.

Your generosity blesses Andover

Giving, tithing, donating, offering – call it what you may, we thank you. The reason Andover Vineyard is able to give in so many different ways to the community around us and beyond, is because of the financial gifts, offerings and tithes generously given by its members, friends and people like yourself, for the work of the Kingdom of God. Thank you!

If you would like to give to Andover Vineyard Church to support our ongoing work, to help us raise funds for a place to meet, to support the Storehouse, or our other ministries, you can do this by clicking on the ‘Donate‘ link below and filling in your details.  You can make one off gifts or set up regular payments.  If you are a UK Taxpayer, don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid option so we can make your gift even bigger at no cost to you – see the explanation below!

If you would like to make a regular or one off gift online – click the link!

Donate to Andover Vineyard


You can text ‘AVC give‘ and the amount you would like to donate to: 07786 202250 and follow the instructions on the link you will receive via text.

For example, text: ‘AVC give 50’ and we will receive a one-off donation of £50.  You can give any amount!

If you would like to set up giving a regular monthly amount by this method, then text ‘AVC give 50m’ to the same number and again, follow the instructions.

What is Gift Aid? How it works

The church is a registered charity funded entirely by gifts and offerings.  A significant portion of this money comes from the tax we are able to reclaim.  So if you are a taxpayer, please take advantage of the Government’s Gift Aid Scheme.  You only need to tick the relevant box online and this will enable us to reclaim the basic rate tax you have paid on any gifts you make to us; that’s a further £25 on a give of £100 at no further cost to you.  If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can also reclaim the additional higher rate tax you have paid.

If for any reason you can’t use any of these methods but would like to make a donation, please contact us and we will advise you on other options!