Coronavirus COVID-19

As we face an unprecedented, global crisis, church looks very different - but it's still happening! Here's what we're doing to keep you and our community safe and well during the coronavirus crisis.

Church at this time

Because of the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown, we can’t meet face-to-face. We miss each other! Friendship and support is so much easier when it comes with hugs and conversation (and coffee or tea!). But just because we can’t be close, that doesn’t mean we can’t meet.


On Sundays, we meet via Zoom for worship, fellowship and prayer. Our online talks are recorded and can be found here after the meeting. We meet up at 11:15 on Sundays. We’d love to see you! To be added to our Zoom call, contact us.

Life Groups

Life isn’t over, so Life Groups are still happening. Find a Life Group near you.

Care at this time

We recognise that these are difficult times to navigate and also an opportunity to deepen relationships both within our church family and with those around us in our communties. For our church members, we encourage you to contact your Life Goup Leaders if help is needed.

Serving the community

There are a number of ways you can support people in your community at different levels:

There is a simple postcard you can use to offer help to older and vulnerable people in your street.

The council are not coordinating any church wide response given that the communities have already been so incredible in supporting themselves. Therefore we encourage people to look at how they can individually or in smaller groups, using their skills and motivational gifts, continue to offer help, either in existing initiatives, or some key places the might consider:


  • Supporting front line health workers with shopping etc
  • Checking on your neighbours, especially older or vulnerable ones
  • Volunteering to help in Community Groups that are already set up
  • Helping the food bank
  • Becoming aware of small businesses/families that may be struggling financially and thinking about how you could help


Take care

Always remember to follow the government’s advice and guidance regarding coronavirus COVID-19. We’re praying for you, our brave NHS and essential workers, our leaders and our country at this time.

Feeling anxious?

Prayer is powerful. We’d love to pray with you if you’re struggling. Drop us a note and we’ll arrange a time to pray with you.

Remember: we’re always praying for you.